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Who we are, really.

We're selenophiles and feel an unexplainable and magical attraction for the Moon... its beauty, effects, and worthy place in the night sky. We think of our home as a drop of this fascinating astronomical body.


With over 20 years of experience in hospitality, design, marketing, and events, we are a bunch of Goans and creative globetrotters, who come together to share our stories.


We let our hard work and creations speak for themselves but we'd love to know your thoughts on Moondrop Villa, where we aimed for the stars, reached the moon, or fell short.

About us


The Fleet

Corgao - Mandrem

Moondrop Villa


Light Farm - coming soon


We'd love for you to be more than just guests.

With three stays within a 350 -day period, you could become one, and access our exclusive offers on full moon nights, prioritised bookings, special F&B discounts, tickets to Goa's leading events, sightseeing tours, and (drum-roll) early-bird booking preference to our Valpoi Light-Farm Glamping Experience.


The Team

Yellow Orange Gradient


Creator and passionate innovator, Keagan is a Zurich based Goan with 20 years of experience in luxury hospitality and digital marketing.

Grid and Leaves


The Captain and on-the-ground Manager, with years of ties with hospitality venues and events throughout Goa, determined and fully equipped to make your stay a happy one.



Owner of Hybrid UV, India's leading decor company, Karun is a friend, partner, and contributor. With laser focus on amplifying the ambience and decor to add to the experience.

Wave Pattern


Our lovely housekeeping and F&B leader who takes care of our home to ensure it is always immaculate. Be sure to opt-in for the  lunch to see, smell, and feel her magic too.


'' We've worked hard to get where we are, a lot of it is hidden behind the nice things you see''

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